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Our first Day on Paros
Submitted by bugsly on Sunday, March 5, 2006 - 23:52 Boat | Car | Core | Foreign Language and Music Study | Greece | Walk

This morning after arriving in Paros the night before and finding our hotel, we set off in search of breakfast. We found a busy little restaurant and sat down to order delicious waffles and omelets. After having a hearty meal we set out to see what there was to see. The back alleys provided lots of little shops and cafes, but being that is Sunday everything is shut. So we decided to come back on Tuesday because Monday was a national holiday.

We returned to the hotel, freshened up and Dad and I went out to rent a car. Once we had picked up Mom and Michael, Dad drove through the center of Paros where we saw some of the most beautiful landscape yet. Once we had reached the southern tip of the island, Michael spotted a small beach that looked windy enough to fly his kite again, although the beach turned out to be too windy. Reeling the kite was a task within itself and you could almost imagine Michael and Dad working together to pull the kite in yelling, “Heave!” “Ho!” it was actually quite funny.

Finally, Dad and I conjured up the fastest route home so that we were home before it became too dark. At long last we arrived home and settled in for the night. Later as we were looking through our Greece travel book we saw that the beach we had visited a few hours ago was the most popular beach on Paros, especially for windsurfers. No wonder it was too windy for our kite!


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