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Kite flying is tons of fun in Santorini
Submitted by bugsly on Saturday, March 4, 2006 - 09:23 Car | Core | Foreign Language and Music Study | Greece | Walk

To start the day off, we had a luxurious breakfast overlooking the sea and caldera. I had a Greek omelet with French fries on top! My Mom nibbled on the omelet with me. Michael had the most decadent breakfast I have ever seen! His waffle had scoops of fresh strawberry ice cream, Oreo cookies crumble and whipped cream on top crowned with a Greek flag. It was incredible and delicious!

After breakfast, we went on a long walk up, up, up, and then down, down, down, and finally ended up at a car rental shop. They had shiny new cars out front, and cruddy ones with no hub caps in the back. Guess which one we got. Yep, a bright blue, dirty stick shift for our afternoon excursion. We piled into our vehicle and headed out of town.

Our first stop was for gas, as the car was on empty. Our second stop was to buy a kite for the upcoming celebration called “Clean Monday”. “Clean Monday” marks the beginning of the Greek Orthodox Church’s observation of Lent (like our Ash Wednesday). On this Monday the 6th, the Greek people take to the country for picnics to eat traditional foods and fly kites. The kites are special in that they are octagonal.

Our kite is blue and white, the colors in the Greek flag. We headed off to find a beach so we could test it out. After a bit of a drive with me as navigator (which my Mom says I am a natural at), we found a perfect beach. We put the kite together and launched it high into the air. It flew wonderfully high and we watched it soar in the blue sky and sunshine. We flew it for a long time, taking turns. When Michael was flying the kite, I wrote my name in HUGE letters in the black sand. The sand at the beach was black because of the volcanic soil that covers the island. It was the first black sand beach I have ever seen and it was very impressive.

We didn’t spend much (if any) time in the water because even though the day was warm, the water was COLD!!!! So we packed up after a while and headed to find some food. We drove for a while and happened upon Dimitris Fresh Fish overlooking the water. We parked and scampered across the street and settled in for another delicious Greek meal. And it was. The owner, Dimitri was our waiter and he told us that it was the first day they reopened their restaurant for the upcoming tourist season. He also told us about his farm where he has pigs, chickens and grows lots of different vegetables for the restaurant. He also grows olive trees and makes his own olive oil. I had fresh bread to dip with and his olive oil was thick and rich.

We headed back to Fira to return the car and settle down for the evening. It had been a great day!

Saturday morning we packed up and got organized to leave on the afternoon ferry for Paros where we look forward to seeing our friend Anna. We had breakfast at a nice little cafe and spent some more time exploring Fira.

We then jumped onto our ferry at 3:30 and landed at Paros at 7:00. We found our way to our hotel and settled in. We were greeted by a talking parrot who knows two English words, hello and goodbye; the rest of his vocabulary is Greek! I look forward to exploring Paros tomorrow!


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