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Algebra and the Acropolis
Submitted by bugsly on Tuesday, February 28, 2006 - 09:18 Algebra | Car | Core | Foreign Language and Music Study | Greece | Subway | Walk

This morning I woke up to my bed shaking because Kostas had plugged in a foot massager and put it on my bed to wake me up! Well it worked, but what a way to wake up! Anyhow, I had wonderful cereal for breakfast drizzled with honey from Greek forests. You should see how much honey Kostas has in his cupboard! Enough for at least two armies!

We headed off in the car to see the sights of Athens. Our first stop was the Acropolis. Getting to see something as amazing at that after studying it the year before was quite an experience. Seeing all of the columns and ancient artifacts and carvings was spectacular. The Parthenon was beautifully sculpted and polished. It is under renovation for at least another couple of years. They plan to restore it to the point it was before it was attacked many years ago.

A thrill for my Dad was that I worked on a page of my Algebra schoolwork in the shadow of the Parthenon. He was ecstatic.

We visited the Archeological Museum next to the Parthenon and got to see ancient Greek artifacts beautifully presented.

We headed off to have lunch near Kostas’ office in a terrific underground restaurant. To watch people eat an entire fish, brains and all in one bite, made me feel nauseous. Kostas offered to get me ice cream if I ate one. I said as long as there was no head and tail I would do it. He agreed and I completed the gruesome task. I will never eat a grilled fish again.

Later that evening, we went out to a traditional Greek meal with Kostas’ mother where I had chicken souvlaki and some stuffed cabbage. Then Kostas took Michael and me out to an ice cream shop where the ice cream was mounded up in mountains. I had Nutella ice cream and it was unforgettably melt-in-my-mouth delicious!

After a long and full day, we slept like logs.


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