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Submitted by bugsly on Monday, February 27, 2006 - 09:17 Boat | Car | Core | Foreign Language and Music Study | Greece | Subway | Walk

This morning we got up, packed our bags and headed for breakfast. I must say I had the same wonderful warm chocolate croissant again! We caught the ferry that would take us to a nearby island called Hydra. We went on a hydrofoil to Hydra which took about 45 minutes. In Hydra, we explored the narrow alleyways and stone staircases until accidentally happening upon a rooftop restaurant called Vialy.

We sat down and readied ourselves for lunch. A man sitting near us was painting signs for the restaurant but was really a local fine artist. He was painting signs in the off season to earn some money.

Then the waiter came from the docks with a bag of fish and my Dad got to choose his own fish for lunch! Meanwhile, my brother had taken out his sketchbook and the artist took notice of him. He helped him draw a picture of the dock and the ships in the harbor as well as the nearby buildings. As a thank you, Michael signed the picture and gave it to him.

For dessert, Dad and I shared a wonderful Greek yummy filo-doughish, applish, honeyish, custardish, confection. It was amazing! Then our ferry arrived and we boarded for our journey back to Athens.

When we arrived in Athens, we went to the metro station and made our way into central Athens where we met Kostas and his Mother at their business “Corfu Star”. It was really good to see him again and meet his Mom.

He took us to a great Greek restaurant in downtown Athens. We walked there past many interesting shops and boutiques. We had a yummy meal and I had a traditional Greek dish of cooked cabbage leaves stuffed with beef and rice and a creamy white sauce, it was so good! Then we went back to his house and went to bed with full tummies.


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