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Valley of the Kings
Submitted by bugsly on Monday, February 20, 2006 - 05:23 Boat | Car | Core | Egypt | Foreign Language and Music Study | Walk

Today has been loads of “fun in the sun” as they say, only that this was some serious sun! At about 6:00 a.m. we got off the train at Luxor, and met our chaperone who took us straight to the Sheraton, Luxor. Once there, Mom and I crashed, exhausted; while Michael and Dad headed down for breakfast where they met our friends from the train station the night before. Meanwhile Mom and I woke up around 10:00 and took our time getting ready but finished before 11:30 because we had agreed to meet Ed and Benjamin (our friends) to go and see the Valley of the Kings together.

The amount of hassle that the people give you to buy their merchandise is especially intense in Luxor; by the end of your walk through the mini Bazaar that leads to the entrance you have said “le shokran” or “no thank you” one too many times. It does get quite annoying!

After taking a ferry across the Nile, we agreed to have a persistent taxi driver drive us for the day. We rolled down the windows and prepared ourselves for some serious heat, with sun tan lotion, Chap Stick, hats, etc. Upon arriving we jumped out and bought our tickets to see three tombs altogether and drove down to the main parking lot where we would meet our driver, Ali, in about two hours time.

We headed off, already dreaming of an ice cold pool to see the famed tombs of King Tutankhamen, Tuthmosis IV, and Ramses III. They were all amazing with their intact hieroglyphics and awesome pictures of every thing that they may need in the afterlife. Every single one though, is a bunch of steps down into the ground making the coming up very tiring! After a few more touristy photos we were out of there tired and dusty.

We were ushered onto a small river taxi, The Isis, and went a wonderful trip down the Nile to a dock just below the hotel swimming pool which we jumped into as we could!


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That pool sure looks great!
Auntie Shelley
Thu, 2006-02-23 05:49

Hi Hannah

I've just been catching up with your ever more exciting blog and I also checked out your hotel which looks just fab!

I can imagine when you arrived back from your hot day out that swimming pool must have looked like a beautiful oasis in the desert!

What a wonderful experience you are having - I've never been to Egypt but I shall now put it firmly on my wish list of future holiday destinations. Can't wait to hear more

Lots of love to you all
Auntie Shelley xxx

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