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London by Day, Cairo by Night
Submitted by bugsly on Wednesday, February 15, 2006 - 06:45 Car | Core | Egypt | Fly | Foreign Language and Music Study | Subway | Train | United Kingdom | Walk

After saying goodbye to Tori and Randy early this morning at about six o’clock, I went back to bed until I was woken up by Auntie Betty and took a shower. After having another very filling breakfast of porridge we (Auntie Betty and I) headed down to the Bromely South Station and a few minutes later met up with Mom, Grandma Rachel, and Michael(Dad was going to meet us later on because he was driving back from the airport).

Later, once we had bought our tickets to London Victoria and had boarded the fast train. As we sat down trying not to step in the cup of spilled coffee from McDonalds, the train lurched to a slow but steady start. Mom and Dad were talking to eachother on the phone about what to do because we had time to kill, and Grandma suggested the Science Museum which we all decided was a good idea.

However, once we were about halfway to London Victoria we were informed over the scratchy loudspeaker that the there was a problem a t the station and that we would be re-directed to London Black friars. There was an almost instantaneous uproar of people re-scheduling their appointments on their cell phones, one lady said: “I’m pretty sure that there is a bus that goes from Blackfriars into central London…” another lady asked “Well what number is it?” and she said “I don’t know.” People were getting off at the closest stop possible calling taxis or phoning friends, meanwhile we were trying to see if there was any other possible route to the Science Museum by phoning Auntie Shelley and asking her to look on the net. After a few minutes she phoned us back with the correct way to go.

So as we boarded our second train and sat down for another twenty minutes we finally arrived at the right place. Only to find that there was a line around three blocks because all the kids are on their half term break. So the Science Museum was a bust, but we’re going back when we get back from our next excursion. Hungry, we headed to a little sandwich café before saying goodbye and hailing a cab. But we didn’t go to the airport first; we instead went to go see the food hall at Harrods. Inside you can see any food you can imagine. It’s expensive, but worth the treat. We bought 10 chocolates from a wide variety of choices and devoured them all on our way to the airport in another taxi.

After arriving at the airport and boarding our plane, we settled in for a four hour flight to Cairo, Egypt. There were many movies to choose from, Michael watched Wallace & Gromit and the Case of the Were Rabbit and I watched The Wedding Singer. We arrived in Cairo late and were pretty much the last people in the airport. The driver from the hotel didn’t show up, so we hired a persistent taxi driver to take us there. The hotel is gorgeous, a little patch of paradise in the middle of a busy city. We have two adjoining rooms and a very big pool outside. The weather is fair for midnight considering it’s winter. Today has been huge and we are all very tired. Nighty night.


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