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Submitted by bugsly on Tuesday, February 14, 2006 - 06:20 Car | Core | Subway | Train | United Kingdom | Walk


In the morning, my dad and I headed out to pick up our good family friends, Tori Bridges and Randy Brandt who are flying in for three days then leaving to go to school and live in Belgrade with Tori's dad Steve (who we just visited!). Arriving at the airport and picking them up was great fun. We had to rent a bigger car to carry all of their luggage!!! Once we got to the flat, Grandma Rachel made us soup and pasta for lunch and we hung out and rested. Tori and I went to Auntie Betty's where we will be spending our nights because she has a spare room.


This morning Tori and I woke up early and after a delicious breakfast of porridge sweetened with Golden Syrup, we took a double decker bus (for free since we are under 14) to Bromley South train station. There we met my mom and dad and Michael and Randy and headed into the center of London on the train. After arriving at Victoria Station where we were sure to get Tori's (Victoria) picture under the sign, we went on the underground to The Tower of London. We had buckets of fun there, getting to see the Martin Tower, the Bloody Tower, The White Tower, The Royal Jewels (which were amazing and shiny!), and the place where Anne Boelyn (2nd wife of King Henry VIII) was beheaded.

After lunch, we rode a double decker bus near the Embankment. We walked across Waterloo Bridge toward the London Eye. Before you get there you walk along the Embankment and see people imitating statues. If you give them a tip, they move for you and let you take your picture with them. Our time on the London Eye was amazing, getting to see the bell tower with Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and the 360 degree view of the entire London area gave me an appreciation of how big and beautiful the city really is.

We all piled into a black London cab with a very nice cab driver that gave us a bit of the tour of the city as he took us to Picadilly Circus. After we had dinner, we walked down to Her Majesty's Theatre and saw a live performance of The Phantom of the Opera. It was stunning to see and hear the actors on stage create such a gorgeous fantasy that is said to have really existed.


Today is Valentine's Day. Tori and I woke up at Auntie Betty's and had another bowl of delicious porridge with Golden Syrup. We took the bus to Bromley High Street to meet my mom, Grandma Rachel, Randy and Michael at Marks and Spencers. We bought a couple necessities like socks and such and then went back to the flat. Dad and Michael ran out to do some errands while Mom and Grandma Rachel went to a lecture leaving me, Randy and Tori to our own devices. We eventually decided to go for a walk, and ended up in the not-so-far-away city of Shortlands. We then saw a flower shop and decided to buy a bunch of purple tulips to bring home for everybody in celebration of Valentine's Day. Just as we were leaving the flower shop, it started to pour on us so we pulled on our hoods, zipped up our coats and were just about to walk in the rain when we heard a car honk and saw Dad pulling out of the parking lot of the launderette. He picked us up just in the nick of time and we got home dry and happy. After surprising Mom and Grandma Rachel with the flowers, Tori and I went back to have a chinese meal with Auntie Betty and watch a movie together. Eventually we both fell asleep after a very rainy day.


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