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Belgrade,Febuary 8th through the 10th
Submitted by bugsly on Friday, February 10, 2006 - 23:56 Car | Core | Europe | Foreign Language and Music Study | Serbia | Train | Walk

Yesterday we arrived in Belgrade, Serbia by train and today we are at our friend Steve's apartment. My first impression of the apartment building was a dark entrance with a bare lightbulb hanging down, spooky stairway and broken windows. But, when once I finished my climb of 96 steps carrying luggage, we arrived at the only stained-wood door in the building.

Once inside, I saw a gorgeous home where with wooden floors, two stories, arched doorways, a kitchen, living room, study, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is very beautiful inside and most comfortable.

This morning, we found a pastry shop and headed to the Knez Mihailova pedestrian mall, literally two blocks from Steve's apartment. The pastries we bought we on average $2.50 for the four of us and they were scrumpcious. At the pedestrian mall, you can find a wide variety of different clothing stores, antique shops, and for some reason a shoe shop every two feet (no pun intended). After seeing and buying a couple of items, we headed back to the apartment.

After Steve got home from work, we went to dinner at Pivnica Kasina. A place with a lot of meat and beer and in general very good food. Then we headed to the sports center to see a basketball game between Partizan (one of the local teams) and Moscow. It was the last game of the regular season and there was a lot of rooting and cheering and police in riot gear just in case the crowd got fiesty. It was a great game however unfortunatly, Moscow won.

The next day we headed out to explore the city, trying a new pastry shop and going to the same coffee shop called Coffee Dream. We then worked our way so that we could go see where Steve worked. Steve's job is to be an advisor to the curriculum writers and teachers of upcoming police officers in Serbia. We got to meet many nice people in his building and had lunch at a place called Club 11 where I had wonderful spaghetti.

After lunch we said goodbye to Steve and went to find a shop called the Women's Textile Cooperative. It's a place that has handcrafts from women in Serbia that are making a living from created handcrafted items to sell. I got a nice pair of mittens and a very fun hat. Michael found a hat, Mom found mittens and slippers and we got a beautiful woven scarf for my Auntie Shelley.

After moving on, we headed down to see an outdoor market, but it was closing for the day. So we hopped on a trolley car and then hopped off a couple of blocks later and walked home to the apartment. That night, we watched the movie "Victor, Victoria" (Julie Andrews, James Garner) and Steve made delicious chicken soup and tea for dinner.

On our last morning in Belgrade, we went out to see the ancient fortress in the middle of the city. It's two blocks away from Steve's apartment and is very massive and shows the changes through the years in the battles of protecting Belgrade. It even shows the modern day military weaponry of the Serbian's. Then we went to Coffee Dream one last time, it had become our favorite coffee shop in Belgrade. We then took a crazy taxi ride to the airport and flew on British Airways to London, Heathrow and back to my Grandmother's house.


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Charles Darwin's Brithday and Down House
Tue, 2006-02-14 13:33

Ah! Today is Charles Darwin's birthday. I didn't know that, but it's amazing that it's today.

Today I was going to take the kids out for a local tour of Bromley and the area where I went to school. We are only a few miles from Charles Darwin's house Down House and I wanted to visit there. Alas they are closed on Monday's and Tuesday's this time of year! We didn't go.


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Your travels
Tue, 2006-02-14 09:46

Hi, Bugsly! I have been enjoying all your blogs. What a fantastic journey you have all embarked upon!
I know as you travel to each country your Mom and Dad are keeping you up to date on current events in each city, but I wonder if you are also watching the Olympics and seeing which country is winning gold medals in each sport? An American speedskater, Joey Cheek, just donated the $25,000 prize which accompanies his gold medal to help refugee children in Chad.
Did you know that today is also Darwin's 197th birthday? UC Berkeley is having a special open house and letting the public tour the Essig Museum - which is where Darwin's collection of BUGS is housed! Happy Valentine's Day!

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