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Submitted by bugsly on Saturday, February 4, 2006 - 12:09 Core | Foreign Language and Music Study | Hungary | Walk

This morning we headed off on the bus for Budapest.

The first thing we did was stop for an hour and a half at a Kavehaz (Hungarian for café) and have a delicious meal. My mom had a traditional meal of bean and sausage goulash.

We then headed out to the pedestrian area and stopped at a Hungarian Folkart Center. One interesting item they had in the shop was the traditional costumes, some worn for Christmas, others on special occasions, and some just for daily wear. Another interesting that I saw there were wooden painted eggs and actual eggshells that were painted.

Then we rode the metro and the trolley bus to the Hotel Gellert area. From a high spot on top of a hill, we saw the Chain Bridge that crosses the Danube River. We then moved on and took a bus back to the house after a quick stop at the market to buy food for dinner. Today has been a great day!


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Hi from Madeline
Wed, 2006-02-08 13:27

I'm wondering if you ate too much Paprikash and that's why you haven't made any recent entries!

Looking forward to hearing more about your trip,


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