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Blarney Castle and much more
Submitted by bugsly on Monday, January 30, 2006 - 14:58 Car | Core | Ireland | Walk

This morning we said goodbye to our hostess Eileen and left for Cork, Blarney, and Kilrane.

In Cork, we stopped at the English Market and got lots of little snacks and such. We also saw such things as tongues of various animals, a lamb’s liver, a cow’s stomach, and fish with their teeth still in and eyes the size of golf balls. I myself, got a very good tuna sandwich whereas everyone else went for the cheese sandwiches. Eventually we left all things good and disgusting, and headed for Blarney…

In Blarney we stopped of course at Blarney Castle. The estate we walked through was about three acres of very green grass and The Martin River (otherwise known as the River of Knowledge)! The castle itself is very well preserved and very tall. We got to see rooms in it such as the Young Ladies Room, the Earl’s Bedroom, the kitchen, and the Murder Hole. We climbed to the top and leaned over backwards with an attendant, hanging upside down 150 feet in the air to kiss the Blarney Stone. YYYYUUUUCCCKKK!!! I forgot to mention that the stone is extremely smooth, I wonder why…

Eventually we moved away from Blarney on our way to Kilrane. Not much was to be seen because it was motorway at night all the way there. Kilrane is a tiny town next to Rosslare Harbor on the Irish Sea. Today has been great fun and some disgusting sights too!!!


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