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One penny please...
Submitted by bugsly on Thursday, January 26, 2006 - 13:17 Core | Fly | Ireland

Today has been a bunch of traveling, but all for good results. In the morning we headed on the Ryanair plane to Shannon, Ireland, but there was something special about these tickets. They each cost only one penny! Except the tax is ₤27.00, bringing the total to ₤27.04! It was pretty funny!

After the short flight we drove through Shannon to Limerick (Gaelic: Luimneach) until after a long search we finally found the Avondoyle B&B where we met the proprietor Evelyn and will be staying for two nights. After we settled in we went off to dinner at great modernistic pub, Collins, to have a wonderful meal. And now we are all taking a moment to take in wonderful Ireland.


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