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A fun day with friends
Submitted by bugsly on Wednesday, January 11, 2006 - 19:14 Core | Walk | Washington, DC

Today we started out as soon as we hooked up with my mom's old work friend Jamie, and her daughter Tessa, we all had a lot of fun together. We decided to start off at the Washington National Zoo, we saw some cuddly animals like the Giant Panda's and the Naked Mole Rats(haha! Just kidding!) and some not so cuddly ones either like the Alligators and the Naked Mole Rats (haha! Not kidding!). A special animal we saw was the endangered Komodo Dragon (If you've ever seen the movie "The Freshman" then you know what lizard I'm talking about), this lizard is huge. This lizard is at least six feet long and has a tongue almost as long!

After the zoo we headed down to the National Archives, there we saw the Constitution, the Bill Of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. We also saw an amazing mural with lots of famous people on it like: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, and many more. We also saw how the Archives organizes and preserves the documents, by keeping them out of the sun, keeping them flat, etc.

We then stopped for a drink at Starbucks, and then said our goodbyes. I have to say that today really was interesting and fun.


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