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A busy, busy day
Submitted by bugsly on Sunday, January 8, 2006 - 19:01 Boat | Core | New York | Subway

Today was a very busy day! We started out by heading to Ground Zero on the subway. That was a very sad experience, seeing all those names of the heroes that did not survive. Afterwards we headed out to see Lady Liberty and Ellis Island. We didn't actually go to Liberty Island, but we saw her from the ferry. If you have ever seen Lady Liberty for real you will probably agree with me that our country should be proud to have her as a symbol, because of her stability, glory, and beauty.

We then moved on to Ellis Island and saw some of the historic artifacts. However we spent most of our time searching the archives for my mom's Great-Grandmother, Augusta Marson. We eventually found a file that fit the description perfectly and we printed out her information sheet.

We then took the ferry back to shore and caught a cab to MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). There we saw Salvador Dali's "Persistence of Memory," Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night," and even Monet's huge piece, with its own gallery, "Water Lily's". MOMA was a lot of fun to see, especially the Pixar exhibit.

Finally, after a long day we trudged home and turned in for the night (except Mom, who's playing Suduko, and me who as you probably know am typing) and we will be driving down the coast to D.C. tomorrow.


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