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Paihai and The Bay of Islands
Submitted by bugsly on Sunday, June 25, 2006 - 21:47 Boat | Car | Core | Foreign Language and Music Study | New Zealand | Physical and Health Education | Walk

We have been in The Bay of Islands for the last two nights. The weather has been glorious and the hotel where we stayed was great.

We took the ferry over the Bay to the town of Russell where we walked around, saw the museum, and had lunch. After we took the ferry back, we drove into the night to have fish and chips at a place in Manganui where my Dad had been many years ago when he stayed there. The fish and chips were so good, wrapped in paper and greasy with lots (too much!) salt. It was worth the drive and I am glad we got to go there.

On Sunday morning we made our way to the place where the Maori and the settlers first signed a treaty to found New Zealand together. It's called Waitangi and there is an amazing Maori meeting house there. It had Paua shell inlays and beautiful weaving and carvings.

We drove back to Tangowahine Farmstay after leaving the Treaty Grounds. It was a beautiful drive. The rain has stopped for now.


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There are three types of "Kiwi's" in New Zealand. Kiwi birds, Kiwi fruit and the New Zealanders call themselves "Kiwis"!

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