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Arriving in Cairns, Australia
Submitted by bugsly on Saturday, May 27, 2006 - 01:45 Australia | Car | Core | Fly | Foreign Language and Music Study | Physical and Health Education | Walk

This morning we landed yesterday morning in Cairns, Australia just before sunrise. Time zones are so much fun! We made our way through quarantine where an adorable beagle sniffed every one of our bags for fruits and vegetables. We also passed by a heat sensitve scanner to see if any of us had a fever.

We got to the Trinity Beach Club Holiday Apartments at 6:00 am, and Michael and Mom fell asleep immediately and Dad and I went to find breakfast. Which we did. It was delicious, eggs, hash browns, toast, baked beans, bacon and juice.

We got into our room, which is an apartment with two bedrooms and a kitchen. Lots of space. We had a quiet day and then went exploring in the afternoon. It was beautiful and sunny and the beach and water are wonderful. Warm and blue. We went to bed early because tomorrow we are going to the Great Barrier Reef.


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Fun Fact...

There are three types of "Kiwi's" in New Zealand. Kiwi birds, Kiwi fruit and the New Zealanders call themselves "Kiwis"!

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