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Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Submitted by bugsly on Saturday, April 22, 2006 - 23:10 7th Grade | Car | Core | Foreign Language and Music Study | Jordan | Physical and Health Education | Walk

This morning we got up really early, got a boxed breakfast and took a taxi to the Israeli-Jordanian Border. A guide was with us to help with the process of leaving Israel and entering Jordan. It took about 20 minutes. On the Jordanian side, we were met by a guide with a small tour bus that would be ours for the day. His name was Khalib. We began our journey on a road called the King's Highway which we drove on for two hours. We arrived at Petra and we were already hot by the time we got out of the car. Even though it was 11:00 in the morning, it was already very hot and dusty.

We were joined by two nice people who are living for a year in Jerusalem. Their names were Sarah and Vincent. We walked down for a long time, in a narrow canyon where we were hidden from the sun for a time. The canyon walls on either side of us had canals carved in them by the ancient people called the Nabateaean's that lived there thousands of years ago. The sandstone canyon was layered with many hues of red and yellow and pink. When we arrived at the end of the canyon, we were amazed to see a building carved into the rock called The Treasury. It's architecture was a mixture of Roman, Greek, and Assyrian styles. The Nabateaean people traveled a lot and copied architecture that they saw in their travels. It was the building used for the movie Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark. After taking in The Treasury, we walked further and came into an open area where more buildings had been carved into the rock. There were homes, burial tombs, even the restroom was in a cave! It was really, really interesting to feel like you could have live in a place like that.

After we finished our time there, we began the long, hot, dusty, uphill journey back to the top. Michael and I got to ride donkey's to The Treasury. We walked the rest of the long way back.

I glanced one last time at The Treasury thinking how cool it would be to be Indiana Jones!

We had lunch and then made our way back to Aquba near the border crossing. We crossed the border again and took a taxi back to the hotel. We were so tired and dusty that we all took showers when we got back.

Tomorrow we travel to the Dead Sea.


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