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Pocket Watches in Geneva
Submitted by bugsly on Thursday, March 30, 2006 - 05:56 Core | Foreign Language and Music Study | Switzerland | Walk

This morning we grabbed breakfast said high to the waitress who was also a manikin, and headed out into the rainy city of Geneva. Our first stop was to look around for a pocket watch for Michael which he has been longing for a long time. We found a very beautiful, yet durable one in a small watch store that was packed with cuckoo clocks that all go off at different times. We were starting to feel faint from hunger we decided to try another packed restaurant, Molino’s, only this time Italian not Thai. Every ting in Geneva is expensive, and the tax doesn’t have much to do with it being that it is five percent (Italy is twenty!) but never the less (literally) we did have to find somewhere to eat that didn’t look too overpriced. It was a good (and busy) restaurant; the waiter having a French air about him being that Geneva is on the French border and speaks the language. We met up with Dad during lunch who had stayed behind to make a few phone calls. We then split up Dad and I going to look around and work on a plane booking, while Mom and Michael went to look around and then go back to the hotel. Dad and I stopped at a few stores never buying anything except for a few postcards, a Swiss Army Knife and a charm for the charm bracelet I am making. We stopped by Qantas Air to straighten out a few reservations and then head back to meet up with Mom and Michael at the hotel. We said hello to the “Bellman” and then took the rickety elevator up four floors. We didn’t go out again that night except for picking up takeout that we scared down before turning in for the night.


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