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Seeing Siena with Pierfrancesco and Francesco
Submitted by bugsly on Sunday, March 26, 2006 - 02:04 Car | Core | Foreign Language and Music Study | Italy | Walk

Last night in Italy we sprung forward one hour because daylight savings time started. So, we woke up this missing one hour of sleep. We hauled ourselves out of bed and got ready to meet our friend Pierfrancesco and drive to see Siena for the day. Once he arrived he had brought two wonderful surprises for us, his wife came to meet us and their adorable beagle Snoopy. After a while though we had to head out so we said goodbye and started for Siena.

The drive is about an hour give or take with traffic, so we arrived around one o’ clock and met up with our good friend Francesco and his sister. We sat down for a delicious meal at a local restaurant, and then headed out to explore. There is a huge square that several times in the summer hosts an enormous horse race where they make a ring with sand that the horses race on. It is not the safest of events, but it attracts a large crowd. In fact people who live in apartments around the square rent out their windows for people to watch the races from!

There is a large bell tower too, and although we did not climb to the top we did see the “medieval parking lot” as Pierfrancesco called it -- iron rings embedded the walls to tie your horse to. We wound our way around lots of little shops and tiny streets until we ran into the very large cathedral that was still having the exterior worked on. Inside you can see amazing inlaid marble mosaics, they are a different style than that we have seen before but all the same beautiful. It is a very large cathedral and in one side room you can see the ancient music that monks used to chant in that very place. The music was quite elaborate, with illuminated letters and only four bar lines instead of the modern number of five. It was very interesting to see it all, and we were sad to go. But yet the pastries called!

We found a very busy, but delicious none the less, pastry shop that held many good things to eat. I got myself a super sweet chocolate bar while mom had a very good slice of Pan Forte wrapped up for later. Dad enjoyed his usual strong espresso (he is in coffee heaven) along with Pierfrancesco. Eventually though it was time to say goodbye to Francesco and his sister and head home.

We arrived back after a wonderful day, said goodbye to Pierfrancesco although we will probably see him again and hung around for the rest of the day.


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