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Four Newfoundlands in Italy
Submitted by bugsly on Wednesday, March 15, 2006 - 12:52 Car | Core | Foreign Language and Music Study | Italy | Physical and Health Education | Walk

After waking up this morning, my brother and I went to explore the grounds of the Villa where we have rented an apartment. Guess what??? The owners have a family of four HUGE Newfoundlands that are fast becoming our best friends. There names are Giotto (the father), Luna (the mother), Amanda (the daughter), and Artu(the son). Artu is already bigger than his father. We had so much fun playing with them on the grass, throwing pinecones that they jumped up in the air to retrieve.

It was so great to be with friendly dogs. We had a quiet day doing schoolwork and having a simple meal, and settling into our new place.


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