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California2006-07-16 Going Home
New Zealand2006-07-12 Day Out in Auckland
2006-07-11 Driving to Auckland and Seeing Brian and the Calves
2006-07-10 Bay of Plenty Results in Tomato Bonanza!!!
2006-07-09 Lake Tauop and Our First Tomatoes
2006-07-07 Hodd Cottage and Jessie
2006-07-05 Wellington (not the boots)
2006-07-02 Queenstown and COLD!!!
2006-06-28 More good time at Tangowahine Farmstay
2006-06-25 Paihai and The Bay of Islands
2006-06-23 Tangowahine Farmstay and Dargaville
2006-06-19 Traveling to New Zealand
Australia2006-06-16 Fish and Chips Heaven...
2006-06-14 Stuffed Animals and Pearls
2006-06-13 Sydney...
2006-06-11 Out and About in Parkes
2006-06-10 The Dish
2006-06-09 Traveling from Burleigh Heads to Parkes
2006-06-06 The Pacific Ocean is Warm Here
2006-06-05 The Australia Zoo
2006-06-03 Alice Springs Desert Park
2006-06-02 The Road to Alice Springs
2006-06-01 Kangaroo, Crocodile and Emu
2006-05-30 Port Douglas, Mossman Gorge & Ellis Beach
2006-05-28 The Great Barrier Reef and Scuba Diving
2006-05-27 Arriving in Cairns, Australia
Japan2006-05-25 Tea with Catharine, Miyako, Dorothy and Derrick
2006-05-24 Yodobashi with Dad
2006-05-23 Toyota Factory Tour & Nine Trains in One Day
2006-05-22 Kyoto and Kazuo
2006-05-20 Arriving in Kamakura
Hong Kong2006-05-18 Cinnamon Toast and Tea
2006-05-16 Bye-Bye Bejing
2006-05-12 Kowloon and on to Beijing!
2006-05-10 Victoria Peak on a Clear Day
2006-05-09 Phuket - Bangkok - Hong Kong at last!
China2006-05-16 Bye-Bye Bejing
2006-05-15 Great Wall Mountain Climbing
2006-05-14 Tiananmen Square and Chairman Mao
2006-05-13 Intense shopping and bargaining
Thailand2006-05-09 Phuket - Bangkok - Hong Kong at last!
2006-05-08 Being happy and lazy in Phuket, Thailand
2006-05-05 Beautiful Bangkok
2006-05-01 An Unexpected Visit
Jordan2006-04-22 Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Israel2006-05-01 An Unexpected Visit
2006-04-28 Happy Birthday Igal!
2006-04-27 Shopping with Grandma Rachel and Ronit!
2006-04-26 Yad Vashem and Visiting with the Katzman's
2006-04-25 Jerusalem, The Old City
2006-04-24 Youth Hostel, Nature Reserve and The Dead Sea
2006-04-22 Eilat and the Red Sea
2006-04-20 Regrouping in Rahovot
2006-04-18 Flying into Israel
Spain2006-04-18 Flying into Israel
France2006-04-16 Paris all the way through
2006-03-31 A Long Day of Travel and Finally Arriving in Canterbury
United Kingdom2006-04-12 Chislehurst Caves
2006-04-11 Rain, Rain go Away!
2006-04-10 Kew Gardens and Hampton Court
2006-04-09 Greenwich and supper good dinner
2006-04-08 Meeting Ed and Ben again, and Emelia too!
2006-04-07 Meeting Grandpa and Ann plus Platform Nine and Three Quaters
2006-04-06 Chelsea Football Club Stadium
2006-04-05 London for the day
2006-04-04 Normal stuff for a couple days!
2006-04-02 Byby to Canturbury
2006-04-01 Canterbury Cathedral and Handel's Messiah
2006-03-31 A Long Day of Travel and Finally Arriving in Canterbury
2006-02-15 London by Day, Cairo by Night
2006-02-14 Sunday the 12th through Tuesday the 14th
2006-02-11 On our way to London
Switzerland2006-03-31 A Long Day of Travel and Finally Arriving in Canterbury
2006-03-30 Pocket Watches in Geneva
2006-03-29 Geneva, Thai, and the Bell Man
Italy2006-03-29 Geneva, Thai, and the Bell Man
2006-03-27 Wet Dogs, horses, and Dinner with Francesco and Anna
2006-03-26 Seeing Siena with Pierfrancesco and Francesco
2006-03-25 Leonardo's Machines
2006-03-24 Shopping, delicious geloto, and really good dinner!
2006-03-23 Shopping, Uffizi Gallery and Winged Angels
2006-03-22 Santa Croce and A Room with a View
2006-03-20 Playing with Dogs and a Wonderful Dinner
2006-03-19 David and Gelato
2006-03-18 The Leaning Tower of Pisa
2006-03-17 The Ponte Vecchio and the Straw Market
2006-03-16 Ristorante in Prato and the HUGE supermarket
2006-03-15 Four Newfoundlands in Italy
2006-03-14 The Sistine Chapel, Being Pickpocketed and the Train to Florence
2006-03-13 The Basilica and Dinner at Alberto's House
Greece2006-03-09 Leaving Greece and sailing to Italy
2006-03-08 Yummy Pasta with Evi
2006-03-07 Arriving in Athens Again
2006-03-06 Clean Monday
2006-03-05 Our first Day on Paros
2006-03-04 Kite flying is tons of fun in Santorini
2006-03-02 Naxos, Santorini, and a stack of milk cans
2006-02-28 Algebra and the Acropolis
2006-02-27 Donkeys only please
2006-02-26 Skipping stones and chocolate croissants
2006-02-25 The beautiful Peloponnese and the Island of Spetses
2006-02-24 A long day and night of travel
Egypt2006-02-24 A long day and night of travel
2006-02-22 Karnak Temple, Mummification Museum and the Train Station again...
2006-02-21 Valley of The Queens, Temple of Hatshepsut, and Temple Medinat Habu
2006-02-20 Valley of the Kings
2006-02-19 The Egyptian Museum, The Citadel, St. George's Church, and the getting lost in the Train Station
2006-02-17 There is a difference between a Horse and a Camel
2006-02-16 A down day at the Sheraton, Giza
2006-02-15 London by Day, Cairo by Night
Serbia2006-02-10 Belgrade,Febuary 8th through the 10th
2006-02-07 On our way to Belgrade!
Hungary2006-02-07 On our way to Belgrade!
2006-02-06 BRRR!
2006-02-05 Gellert Hotel here we come!
2006-02-04 Budapest
2006-02-03 Dublin by day, Budapest by night
Ireland2006-02-03 Dublin by day, Budapest by night
2006-02-01 O'Leary's Farm
2006-01-30 Blarney Castle and much more
2006-01-29 A wonderful walk along the beach and lots of relaxation
2006-01-28 Killarney, Kenmare, and Kinsale
2006-01-27 This really is the Emerald Isle
2006-01-26 One penny please...
Washington, DC2006-01-13 Arlington and the Spy Museum
2006-01-12 Fun in Washington
2006-01-11 A fun day with friends
2006-01-10 Washington D.C.
2006-01-09 Lots more driving..
New York2006-01-09 Lots more driving..
2006-01-08 A busy, busy day
2006-01-07 More Walking...
2006-01-07 A little Addition to yesterday...
2006-01-06 Walking all day in New York City
2006-01-06 A Busy Day in New York, New York!
Georgia2006-01-04 African American History and Culture
2006-01-03 A busy day of tours and games in Atlanta
2006-01-02 Leaving the Cold...and finding Humidity
Minnesota2006-01-01 New Year's Day
2006-01-01 New Year's Eve
2005-12-31 Our First Day
Fun Fact...

There are three types of "Kiwi's" in New Zealand. Kiwi birds, Kiwi fruit and the New Zealanders call themselves "Kiwis"!

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